We started Big Baboli in 2011 as Zezeah and Moklich. Our team was completed after Cincin joined us down the road.
At Big Baboli, we make t-shirts, sweat shirts, patches, and custom paint jackets. However, our priority is to make concert posters and album covers for local music bands, worthy of collection. Our inspirations include pop culture, grotesque art, horror movies, carcinogenic goods from China, good music with doomy sound, human freaks, and other anomalies.
Among our printing techniques are serigraphy, linoleum, gravure. That is why, everything we make is limited in numbers.
We make our designs, especially t-shirts, out of respect for the cheesiness and cheapness of the 80s and 90s and for those who are proudly childish and can put on colors and designs shamelessly and on everyone’s face.

Asım Us Sk. Pınarbaşı Apartmanı No:16/B Kızıltoprak - İstanbul